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Data Structures In C MCQs Questions And Answers For SPPU Exam 2020 Part-2

This contains data structures and algorithm mcq questions for preparing SPPU exam 2020, for placements exams, companies exam and other.

This is part 2 of data structures in c mcq questions and answers for sppu exam 2020

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1. The number of comparisons done by sequential search is ....

(a) (N/2)+1 
(b) (N+1)/2
(c) (N-1)/2 
(d) (N+2)/2
(e) None of these

Answer:(b) (N+1)/2

2. In .... Search start at the beginning of the list and check
every element in the list.
(a) Linear search 
(b) Binary search
(c) Hash Search 
(d) Binary Tree search
(e) None of these

Answer:(a) Linear search

3. State True or False.
(i) Binary search is used for searching in a sorted array.
(ii) The time complexity of binary search is O(log n).
(a) True, False 
(b) False, True
(c) False, False 
(d) True, True
(e) None of these

Answer:(d) True, True

4. Which of the following is not the internal sort?
(a) Insertion Sort 
(b) Bubble Sort
(c) Merge Sort 
(d) Heap Sort
(e) None of these

Answer:(c) Merge Sort 

5. State True or False.
(i) An undirected graph which contains no cycles is called forest.
(ii) A graph is said to be complete if there is an edge between
every pair of vertices.
(a) True, True 
(b) False, True
(c) False, False 
(d) True, False
(e) None of these

Answer:(a) True, True 

6. What is the time complexity of inserting at the end in dynamic
(a) O(1) (b) O(n)
(c) O(log n)
(d) Either O(1) or O(n)
(e) None of these

Answer:(d) Either O(1) or O(n)

7. Linked lists are not suitable to for the implementation of?

(a) Insertion sort

(b) Radix sort
(c) Polynomial manipulation
(d) Binary search 
(e) None of these

Answer:(d) Binary search 

8. Linked list data structure offers considerable saving in
(a) Computational Time 
(b) Space Utilization
(c) Space Utilization and Computational Time
(d) None of these 
(e) Both (a) and (c)

Answer:(c) Space Utilization and Computational Time

9. Which of the following sorting algorithms can be used to sort a
random linked list with minimum time complexity?
(a) Insertion Sort 
(b) Quick Sort
(c) Heap Sort 
(d) Merge Sort
(e) None of these

Answer:(d) Merge Sort

10. The time complexity of quick sort is ..............
(a) O(n)
(b) O(n2)
(c) O(n log n) 
(d) O(log n)
(e) None of these

Answer:(c) O(n log n) 

11. In a priority queue, insertion and deletion takes place
(a) Front, rearend 
(b) Only at rear end
(c) Only at frontend 
(d) Any position
(e) None of these

Answer:(d) Any position

12. While deleting nodes from a binary heap, .......... mode is
replaced by the last leaf in the tree.
(a) Left leaf 
(b) Right leaf
(c) Root 
(d) Cycle
(e) None of these

Answer:(c) Root 

13. The worst case complexity of deleting any arbitrary node
value element from heap is
(a) O(log n) 
(b) O(n)
(c) O(n log n) 
(d) O(n2)
(e) None of these

Answer:(a) O(log n) 

14. Which algorithmic technique does Fibonacci search use?
(a) Brute force 
(b) Divide and Conquer
(c) Green Techinque
(d) Backtracking
(e) None of these

Answer:(b) Divide and Conquer

15. Depth First Search is equivalent to which of the traversal in
the Binary Trees?
(a) Pre-order Traversal 
(b) Post-order Traversal
(c) Level-order Traversal
(d) In-order Traversal 
(e) None of these

Answer:(a) Pre-order Traversal 

16. Time Complexity of DFS is? (V - number of vertices, E -
number of edges)
(a) O(V + E) 
(b) O(V)
(c) O(F)
(d) None of these
(e) Both (b) and (c)

Answer:(a) O(V + E) 

17. The Data structure used in standard implementation of depth
first search is?
(a) Stack 
(b) Queue
(c) Linked List 
(d) None of these
(e) Both (a) and (b)

Answer:(a) Stack 

18. The complexity of sorting algorithm measures the ........
function of the number n of items to be sorter.
(a) Average time 
(b) Running time
(c) Average-case complexity
(d) Case-complexity 
(e) None of these

Answer:(b) Running time

19. Ifthe number of records to be sorted is small, then ...... sorting
can be efficient.
(a) Merge 
(b) Heap
(c) Selection 
(d) Bubble
(e) None of these

Answer:(c) Selection 

20. Partition and exchange sort is .......
(a) Quick sort 
(b) Tree sort
(c) Heap sort 
(d)Bubble sort
(e) None of these

Answer:(a) Quick sort 

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