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Find the mcq's on ENERGY AUDIT AND MANAGEMENT MCQ's with answers in part 1....

SET -1 1. Energy Star Label Rating scheme for Fluorescent lamp is based on:
A : Lumens per Watt at 100, 2000 and 3500 hours of use
B : End of Lamp Life in terms of burring hours
C : Lumen depreciation at 2000 hours
D : Color Rendering Index

Answer:-A : Lumens per Watt at 100, 2000 and 3500 hours of use 2. The pungent smelling and light bluish gas in Stratosphere is due to_____
A : Carbon molecules
B : Ozone molecules
C : Nitrogen gas
D : Oxygen

Answer:-B : Ozone molecules 3. Which of the following is wrong statement with reference to LED lamps?
A : LED lamps are as energy efficient as CFL bulbs or better
B : LED lampas are more durable than CFLs
C : LED lamps has no hazardous material like mercury
D : LED lamps are not suitable for Street Lighting purpose

Answer:-D : LED lamps are not suitable for Street Lighting purpose 4. Capillary wick is a part of
A : heat pump
B : heat wheel
C : heat pipe
D : regenerator

Answer:-C : heat pipe 5. Recovery of heat from dryer exhaust air is a typical application of:
A : waste heat recovery boiler
B : heat pump
C : heat wheels
D : economizer

Answer:-C : heat wheels 6. Steps involved in pre-audit phase are
A : Plan and organise
B : Walk through audit
C : Informal interview with plant personnel
D : all the above

Answer:-D : all the above 7. Which country emits maximum CO2?
A : Australia
B : Iceland
C : Norway

Answer:-D : USA 8. Infrared thermometer is used to measure
A : Surface temperature
B : Flame temperature
C : Flue gas temperature
D : Hot water temperature

Answer:-A : Surface temperature 9. The effect of acid rains is not from the following
A : Acidification of lakes, streams and soils.
B : Killing of wild life.
C : Decay of building materials, paints, statues and sculptures.
D : Global warming.

Answer:-D : Global warming. 10. Preliminary energy audit is a relatively quick exercise to
A : Offers the most accurate estimate of energy savings and cost
B : Includes detailed energy cost saving calculations and project cost.
C : Identify the most likely (and the easiest areas for attention)
D : Provides a detailed energy project implementation plan for a facility, since it evaluates all major energy using systems.

Answer:-C : Identify the most likely (and the easiest areas for attention)

SET-2 11. The formation of frost on cooling coils in a refrigerator
A : improves C.O.P. of the system
B : increases heat transfer
C : reduces power consumption
D : increases power consumption

Answer:-D : increases power consumption 12. In electrical power system, transmission efficiency increases as
A : both voltage and power factor increase
B : both voltage and power factor decrease
C : voltage increases but power factor decreases
D : voltage decreases but power factor increases

Answer:-A : both voltage and power factor increase 13. Typical waste gases temperature from glass melting furnace in degree celsius is
A : 1000-1550
B : 800-950
C : 650-750
D : 760-815

Answer:-A : 1000-1550 14. The ratio of annual net cash flow to capital cost is ____________
A : Net present value
B : Internal rate of return
C : Return on investment
D : Discount factor

Answer:-C : Return on investment 15. Corrosion in chimney, air pre-heater and economizer is mainly influenced by
A : sulphur content in fuel
B : ash content in fuel
C : moisture content in fuel
D : all of the above

Answer:-A : sulphur content in fuel 16. Combustion analyser used for flue gas measurement (zinconia cell board or electro mechanical cell board) measures___________.
A : kVA
B : kVAr
C : harmonics
D : CO

Answer:-D : CO 17. Economizer is provided to utilize the flue gas heat for ___
A : preheating the boiler feed water
B : preheating the stock
C : preheating the combustion air
D : preheating fuel

Answer:-A : preheating the boiler feed water 18. Parameter assumed to remain constant during LMTD calculation of a heat exchanger is
A : temperature drop
B : heat transfer area
C : specific heat of fluids
D : heat of fluids

Answer:-C : specific heat of fluids 19. In a steam turbine power plant, vacuum is generated at
A : turbine inlet
B : condenser
C : deaerator
D : all of the above

Answer:-B : condenser 20. Regenerator is widely used in:
A : reheating Furnaces
B : heat treatment furnaces
C : baking Ovens
D : glass melting furnaces

Answer:-D : glass melting furnaces


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